Ultimate Guide | How Many Backlinks Do I Need to Rank?

If you’re wondering, “How many backlinks do I need to rank?” – then this blog post is about to become your secret weapon in the biggest mysteries in the world of SEO.

A backlink is a link from one website to another website. Backlinks are sometimes called “inbound links” or ” incoming links.” Backlinks are vital because they are a major factor in how Google ranks websites.

They help search engines like Google determine the quality and relevance of your website.

Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors for SEO.

How Many Backlinks Are Needed to Rank?

When you hear the sound of free you can create unlimited backlinks for your website but it’s a free method so you will get traffic if your content is original and interesting.

Generate Backlink (Free Method)

STEP :1 Go to Google and type Backlinks generator, the results you get are the unlimited free backlinks generator websites that do your work for free. Click on any website as I click on this website.

STEP:2 You need to copy your blog/website link and paste it there and click on generate backlinks.

STEP :3 After that the website will generate your free backlinks for you

Generate Backlink (Paid Method)

You can buy backlinks by paying a website to link back to your website. You give them money, and they give you a referral link.

High-Quality Backlinks There are The Top 5 Vendors

1. Outreach Monks: This vendor stands out for its tailor-made link-building services.

2. Submit Core: Specializing in SEO services, Submit Core offers a range of solutions including the opportunity to acquire high authority backlinks.

3. Help a Reporter Out (HARO): HARO is a Traditional link-building service, HARO provides an opportunity to acquire organic, high-quality links.

4. Neil Patel: Known internationally for his expertise in digital marketing and SEO, Neil Patel offers comprehensive SEO & Link building services.

5. From The Future: This digital marketing agency prides itself on its unique, future-forward approach to SEO.

Pros ✅

1. It takes time to build backlinks. You need to contact other webmasters, write guest posts, or create enticing content that naturally earns links.

2. You can invest more time in other important tasks when buying links from a reputable vendor.

3. Your website’s SEO rankings can be significantly improved by quality links.

4. Backlinks are seen as a vote of confidence by search engines like Google, and a site with high authority backlinks is likely to rank higher.

5. A backlink from another popular website can increase the traffic to your site.

6. As a result, your website will be ranked higher on search engines and will attract more potential customers.


1. If you purchase links in bulk from non-reputed vendors, such as some sellers on Fiverr, you risk being penalized by search engines, especially Google.

2. Your site could be downgraded in search results or, in extreme cases, removed altogether.

3. You might not be able to control the quality of the links when you buy paid links.

4. In addition to quality links, reputable vendors are not cheap. While they can offer good ROI, there is a considerable upfront cost, especially for small businesses.

5. Purchasing backlinks from a reputable vendor like Outreach Monks that offers quality over quantity can be beneficial if done correctly.


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The blog post has unraveled the mystery of how many backlinks are needed to rank in SEO. Backlinks, crucial for Google’s ranking algorithm, reflect website authority and relevance.

Two approaches for backlinks were discussed: a free method using backlink generator websites and a paid method through reputable vendors. While free options offer unlimited backlinks, quality relies on compelling content. Paid services, like those from Outreach Monks and Neil Patel, promise high-quality links but come with costs.

The benefits of quality backlinks include improved SEO, enhanced authority, and increased traffic. However, caution is urged, as non-reputed vendors might lead to penalties. Balancing pros and cons is key for a successful backlink strategy.

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